Thursday, April 13, 2006

Psych Eval

Yes, we are required to get a psychological evaluation completed as part of our dossier requirements. We actually just went on Monday, April 10th and met with "Dr. Steve" for about 2 hours. It really wasn't bad at all. The good doctor did a fine job of dialoging with us rather than just interviewing for facts to write in a character sketch. After our little talk, Drew and I sat down to a 570-some true/false question personality test and a bubble sheet. That took about 2 hours to complete. We went back this past Monday, the 17th and did IQ testing. I thought it was pretty fun. Hopefully we'll get the results of everything at the end of this week. I probably won't be posting those, though. this point, we're just waiting to get our USCIS approval. Day 101
We are planning to do the fundraiser concert on Saturday, July 29th in Franklin, TN!!