Monday, May 29, 2006 we wait!

As of Friday I think we've mailed off the last piece of paperwork for a while. Our dossier is being sent to be translated on Tuesday. They say it takes about a week or so. There's really nothing we expect we'll have to be doing for the next few months. It's somewhat of a nice feeling. We're going to concentrate on getting the fundraiser concert together for July 29th.

Here are some of the pictures we sent with our dossier...

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dossier is DONE!

Day 129 So we're finished with our dossier. We just got out psychological evaluation back a couple of days ago and are now just waiting for that I700 form from the government. We sent it off 41 days ago and they say to allow 45 days to process so we're hoping it will be in the mail next week. Once it is in hand, we'll be heading out to the local government offices to have each piece of paper apostilled, make a bunch of copies, and then mail it out to our family coordinator. We also have to get some family pictures made this weekend to add to our packet. One that is requested is a photo of our baby's room, which feels kind of strange to start thinking about. We don't really want to start filling it with baby stuff quite yet. There's really nothing in there for her yet. It's full of the 'whatever' junk that just eventually finds it's way to the most un-used portion of your house. Anyway...I'll try and post some of the pictures we take!
Oh, more cool news is that AWAA is offering ESalvador to the public starting in June!