Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Weight of All Things

The Weight of All Things
by: Sandra Benitez

I was searching our public library again for books pertaining to El Salvador. I actually found a few this time, even though they're all by the same author. Sandra Benitez. Although she wasn't actually born there, she did live most of her life in El Salvador. I haven't been that big of a reader in my adult life (whenever that started) but recently I've been influenced by a certain husband to pick up the practice. I'm liking it so far. So back to this book- I really enjoyed it. Even though it is fiction it is based on 2 historical events. One is the assassination of the Archbishop Oscar Romero which I'm finding through other resources is a huge event in ES history. There are tons of paintings and writings about his death. The other event the book builds its story around is the civil war that took place in the country from the 1980's-1990's. PBS has a short piece about this. (As always, read with caution.)
The whole time I'm reading this book I'm painting scenes in my mind using material from old-timey pictures and then I remember that this stuff happened not 20 years ago. I was born. I was more than a baby. It's just wild to imagine that there are so many different worlds in our world.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dossier is in ES

Our family coordinator from AWAA sent us an email yesterday letting us know that the OPA (Oficinia Para Adopciones-yes, it is what it sounds like) is reviewing our dossier. Actually, the only reason we heard something was because we needed to fix something, but that just meant printing off one document and taking it through "the paperwork process".
"The paperwork process": This includes the steps necessary for all of our documents to go through before they are sent to ES.
Step 1: notarize the document
Step 2: certify the notary through the appropriate county's clerk office
Step 3: apostille the document at the Tennessee Department of State
Step 4: copy all pieces of paper (x 3)
Step 5: FedEx original and 2 copies to AWAA
So...we did all this yesterday afternoon and it should be at our agency on Monday and our coordinator will look it over and get it to the OPA. At that point, they'll pick back up on the process they take each family through. What is that process you ask?
First, the document is translated. Then, it is submited to the OPA. Next, it goes to the Procurador and Director of ISNA for approval. Finally, the file is passed to the Comite de Asignacion. That is who will be assigning us our referral!
So, I guess this is really happening, right?
Day 166

Friday, June 02, 2006

ES: Open to the public!

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We just recieved an email from our agency AWAA
stating that they are accepting applications from adoptive families for El Salvador as well as Kazakhstan! I checked and it's not on the website as of yet, but you can call their main office at 1.800.429.3369 with any questions.
Dios es bueno!