Monday, October 23, 2006


Espera means "waiting" in Spanish. And that's what we're doing around here. I don't have any news to give or updates to share. I just wanted to write something. Maybe because I have the day off, or maybe because my husband has class tonight and I'm not working on dinner, or maybe just because waiting is hard today. So...I thought for a minute about anything that hasn't been recorded and then remembered that I'm working on a quilt! I actually started cutting out the squares this summer, but I haven't pieced it together yet. Right now I have approximately 213 squares. Lots of greens that I love! I decided last week that I'd try and embroider on some of the squares. So far I have a lower-case "r" cross stitched on one. And am working on 3 flowers (designed by my friend Wendy!) on another. I'm planning to work on quilting it over my Christmas break. I also want to have it up for a while so that when friends come to visit they can add a stitch or two of their own to our girl's quilt.
Esperanza means "hope".
Sure enough, it looks a lot like that "waiting" word.

Friday, October 06, 2006

News from the country

Our family coordinator, Christi, returned from a great trip to ES. She sent us an email with a little bit of information about what she got to do and see. The pictures are beautiful. ES is so much like Honduras- I felt right at home looking at her photos. While there, Christi got to visit three orphanages and said their facilities were wonderful and caretakers were loving. She also met with 2 of the 4 judges from the family court and their response to US adoption was great. These women told Christi it was a blessing to their country and children. They told her that the court hearing was the fun and exciting part; nothing we would need to be nervous about.
She stayed in the Princess Hilton San Salvador. Looks nice! Looks almost too nice. It's possible that we would stay here, or somewhere similar, when we go down. So, without knowing when that will be...we atleast have a glimpse of what is to come!