Monday, December 11, 2006

Good news of great joy

'Tis the season to be...thinking about adoption. Huh?
Well, if you're waiting for your child I guess any season is the season to be thinking about it. But today I was prompted to think about it while I was cleaning up listening to some music. The song details the lineage of Christ from Abraham through David through Eleazer through Joseph to Jesus. Well, it got me thinking about the fact that Jesus is first the Son of God, then became the son of Joseph. And He was given Joseph and Mary's family line in order to fulfill the prophecy of the Old Testament. Not that He was biologically born of these parents, but of the Holy Spirit, but that He was adopted into this family and given the lineage that God used to fulfill his Word. God deemed that their family became His family. It's pretty neat. It really just got me thinking (and thanking) furthur about the beauty of Jesus that He came that we should be called Children of God. John 3:1-3