Wednesday, August 08, 2007

How did we get here?

I was recently looking back through some of our old posts and I came across one where I said I would write a little more about how we came to be waiting parents for a child from El Salvador. It's actually interesting timing for this post to take place. You see, two years ago this month we made a trip to Honduras to spend some time with a missionary and his family and participate in their amazing work. The ministry, called Providence World Ministries, specifically works with widows and orphans (although everyone who comes in contact with that place is affected). It was during our trip that we felt confirmation to go forward with what we'd been researching and thinking about for the past couple years- having children from Latin America.
When we came back from our trip, we connected with the only agency we knew to be working in this very difficult-to-adopt-from country. Turned out, we were a little too late. The agency was no long accepting any "test families" to complete what will be some of the first, agency regulated, Honduran adoptions. However, it was mentioned that El Salvador was opening up and we later learned that 1 final "test family" was needed for this new country. Sign us up.
That was back in January of 2006. (See my husband's inaugural post.)
So there you have it, for the most part. That's how we got here. Now, if we could only get there...

Friday, August 03, 2007

A little taste of El Salvador

Last night, we had a cookout with a new friend (who is from El Salvador) and her parents and brother. The family members had flown in for the weekend to stay with their daughter here in Tennessee.
We had a blast practicing our Spanish. We found ourselves understanding quite a bit of what was spoken. For me, I'm just not able to say what I want to say as quickly as I want to say it. (That's probably not such a bad problem to have!) But it was good. It was a special thing for us. As we were leaving, Senora hugged me and with her sweet Spanish said, "I'll wait for you in El Salvador."