Monday, August 24, 2009

We're going to court!

That's a good thing- to be in court!

Our dossier was submitted to the Ethiopian court on August 14th. Courts are actually officially closed for the rainy season Ethiopia experiences each year and so we know that we won't hear anything for at least another 6 weeks. But, when they do open back up we are already in the queue, which is great news!
Once the courts open back up, the next step for the Raines family is to receive an assignment for a court date. Hopefully we will receive info of our court date assignment before the end of October. After the court date is assigned, then we will wait what is an average of 2 months for it to occur. Then, if all the paperwork is in place and approved, the court date takes place and the Ethiopian courts may officially decree the boys to be Raines'.

I know that everything God does will remain forever; there is nothing to add to it and there is nothing to take from it, for God has so worked that men should fear Him.
Ecclesiastes 3:14

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Flying paper

Our dossier has made it to Ethiopia!
It will be translated over the next month and a half so we anticipate it being a quiet August around here, as far as paperwork goes.
The next step in the paperwork process is the assignment of an Ethiopian court date.

We'll certainly keep you posted...

(ps- So, how awesome is it that we are writing things like this?)