Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Something new every day!

Things have been moving along, here. Four weeks in and I can barely keep track of what we've been doing. We're exhausted!
In three weeks time, the boys have experienced the following things all for the first time: sleeping in a crib in their own room
falling asleep without their bottle
riding in a car seat
being fed something other than formula
being fed with a spoon
feeding themselves with their fingers
drinking out of a sippy cup
drinking milk out of a sippy cup while holding it themselves
meeting their dog
meeting the chickens
taking a bath in the tub
listening to Guaraldi
listening to a book being read
roaming around their home freely
How are their little heads not spinning!

It has been amazing, to say the least. These kids are awesome!

As far as the adoption process goes, we're working on US readoption paperwork and will also begin our first post placement paperwork soon.