Monday, July 12, 2010

All done

It's a good feeling to wrap things up. And under these circumstances it couldn't be better.

As the title of our blog states, these pages are dedicated to the Raines Adoption. We've been home for 6 months but I've actually been thinking about this particular post since January, wondering when the right time might be to end this chronicling of our process. We received the boys' US "birth certificates" last month. As far as the US is concerned, these kids are about as adopted as you can get. Case closed. Ethiopian adoption complete.

Our paperwork continues to sit rather quietly in El Salvador. This summer begins the 5th year that our dossier has lived in Latin America. We no longer receive official updates or reports on the status of adoption in ES, but hear that progress is nearly immeasurable.

We do reserve the right to post on a whim, but for now are ending the unofficially official log of this adoption journey. Lord willing, we'll be here again someday!