El Salvador adoption


  • July - Email agency to inquire about Honduran adoption program.
  • November - Attend information meeting for agency.  Talk with president about HO program who directs us to the new ES program.
  • December - Contact agency to inquire about becoming a "test family" for ES program.  One remaining slot exists.

  • January - Application approved.  Process officially begins.
  • March - Homestudy complete.
  • June - Dossier sent to ES.
  • July - OPA (Office of Adoptions) requests additional documents to be added to our dossier. (Which means they are looking at it!)
  • November - Agency states that the youngest children available are 1 years old.

  • January - Our dossier is approved for adoption by the OPA and is on the desk of those who make referrals.
  • February - Drew signs us up for Ethiopia info meeting.
  • April - Are told by our ES lawyer that we need to be more specific with our child request.  Told we are "next in line" but that children under age of 2 are not available.
  • July - Request approval to pursue a concurrent adoption.  We are denied.
  • September - Renew USCIS forms.  Update approval to include 2 children.
  • September - Receive call from private ES contact with info about our case.
  • October - Receive agency email updating the process time (previously 12 months) to 12-18 months.  We are currently at 22 months.

  • January - ES program families are given opportunity to leave the ES program and transfer to another in-house program.
  • February - Begin emailing with native ES NGO adoption worker about the state of adoptions in his country.
  • February - Agency finally opens up opportunity for ES families to pursue concurrent adoptions.
  • March - Agency states that children available for adoption are 7-10 years old.
  • August - Approved to pursue a concurrent adoption.

  • February - Renew homestudy.
  • February 2008-June 2009 - Communicate with well over 29 agencies about concurrent adoptions, waiting children, etc.  Pursue 4 different adoption opportunities.
  • April - Email IAG.  They are willing to work on concurrent.
  • June - Receive information about twin boys in Ethiopia.

  • At 6 year mark, we officially withdraw from ES program.

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